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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New album Jesus Beautiful Name

Well the long awaited new album has arrived Jesus Beautiful Name not only has Jesus in the title , but in the name of every song on the album. That way no-one can be in any doubt about whom I am singing. I have really enjoyed doing this album with Andy Green I went on a conference recently and picked up the simple message from Rolland Baker Delight in the Lord And this is what I am doing in this new venture They only came out a week ago and I have sold over 100 copies so far They cost more to produce and they are 50 minutes long So I am having to break my long tradition of selling at £5 These will be £6 + postage which is also going up Perhaps I will have time to write more blogs from now New CDs will be in sale from John.nuttall3@ntlworld.com Www.bandcamp.com Www.crossrhythms.co.uk

Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday 12th December

Welcome to the    j o h n    n u t t a l l     blog
The only reason I should ever want to create such a thing is because people from many nations are now asking to buy
‘f a t h e r ‘ s   l o v e ‘ 
‘f a t h e r ’ s   l o v e   2’ 
'f a t h e r ' s   l o v e  i n s t r u m e n t a l '
‘f a t h e r ‘ s   l o v e ‘ ( the book )    and
‘j o I n I n g   w I t h   t h e   a n g e l s

As you will see the albums and book are well priced so you can buy some for yourself. And if, like many people, you want to bless your friends and family with them, then if you want 10 or more,  you can contact me via my e-mail address  john.nuttall3@ntlworld.com for an even better price.

Some people even buy them from church funds to give to their congregations, so they can soak in the message of how much God loves them as a great and good Father.

So WATCH THIS SPACE over the next few days as James Oldham and I set it up with information           

Sunday, 11 December 2011

john starts new blog

hi everyone
started a new blog today
am looking to sell all my cds and book on here instead of elsewhere
i'll also put some extracts from the book 'father's love'
and present thoughts
so keep looking out as this develops in the days to come
if i do ok at this i may develop a web-site